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Is Skipping Breakfast Really That Bad?

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We’ve all heard it. Don’t skip breakfast. But what if you just don’t feel like eating? How bad is skipping breakfast?

As it turns out, breakfast might not be the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean it’s unhelpful.

First, for all of you non-breakfast eaters, your metabolism isn’t going to crash, and you’re not doing anything egregious to your body. While there are benefits to eating breakfast, the truth is that not chowing down in the morning likely isn’t affecting much.

While research has found a connection between skipping breakfast and obesity, that link is a correlation, not causation. There’s no way to prove that skipping breakfast is what leads to obesity.

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However, Jessica Cording, a dietician, told Self that breakfast can help improve energy levels and prevent overconsumption later in the day.

“If someone doesn’t have breakfast, they’re more likely to have a bigger lunch and justify having an 800-calorie sandwich and Frappuccino later on,” Cording told Self. “However, I do find that everyone is different and there are plenty of exceptions.”

Experts said if you feel like eating breakfast, it’s better to do so rather than skip it. Eating specific foods for breakfast can be particularly beneficial when it comes to energy and focus. When we wake up, our blood sugar is at its lowest point, and the brain runs on glucose. Getting in a good meal can help propel you forward for the rest of the day.

While skipping breakfast drastically change your health? No, probably not. However, eating some avocado toast with egg certainly won’t hurt.

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