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What Is an Avocado Sock?

Avocados sit next to green wool containers shaped to fit the fruit.
Avocado Sock

Avocados are complex fruit. From choosing the best one to storing them properly, there’s a lot to consider. Now, you can decide if you want your avocado to have its very own sock.

An Avocado Sock isn’t footwear covered in avocados (though they can be). They are actually a storage method designed to ripen your avocado both quickly and perfectly.

The tool is, well, essentially a sock for your avocado. According to the brand, the sock’s wool fabric speeds up the ripening process. Avocado Sock claims it’s partially the lanolin found in the wool that helps to bump up ripening as well as the warm environment the fabric creates.

The Avocado Sock

Ripen your avocados quickly with this tool.

While we couldn’t find any studies linking lanolin and ripening, what could also be happening within the sock is the emission of ethylene gas. Avocados produce ethylene as they ripen. By placing the fruit into the sock, that gas gets trapped leading to a quicker process. It’s the same one that can be done using a paper bag.

But the sock doesn’t just help with ripening. It’s also protective. Slip the avocado inside, and it’ll help prevent the produce from getting bruised. Plus, it can be used on other fruits and vegetables as well.

If you’re looking for a quick way to ripen an avocado, the Avocado Sock might just be the kitchen gadget for you.

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