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How to Tell If a Costco Item Is on Sale

The sun sets behind a Costco.
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There’s a lot to take in at Costco. From bulk quantities of grocery items to couches to the food court, navigating the store gets tricky. If you’re looking for deals, though, there’s an easy way to find them.

Costco items with a price ending in .97 are on clearance.

Typically, Costco doesn’t advertise just how much its prices have been slashed. You won’t find a mark through on most of the retailer’s labels revealing the old price. The .97 is the way to know that you’ll be getting a discount.

According to Costco.97, a deals-based blog, these sale prices are created by individual stores’ management. Seasonal and low-selling items are more likely to be marked down in order to reduce inventory. However, the price tag isn’t the only sign that you can save money.

The label also has a date code in the bottom right corner. If the date is a few weeks old and you still see ample product on the shelf, the price could be reduced further. It might be worth waiting to purchase just in case there’s a second reduction.

If you’re a devoted bulk buyer and are looking to get the most bang for your buck, paying attention to your Costco labels is a must.

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