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What the Star Means on Costco Price Labels

A Costco exterior on a sunny day.
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Costco is a shopper’s dream. After all, you can get nearly everything at the store. Savvy shoppers know how to make the most of their trips to the retailer.

Even the smartest of shoppers, however, might have looked at a Costco price label, noticed a star in the top right corner, and wondered what it meant. Turns out that yes, it does have a purpose.

The star (which is really an asterisk) on Costco labels means the item is either discontinued or won’t be restocked. There’s no way to know if an item is simply not restocked (but could be available online or at another store) or is being discontinued. Either way, though, if you see the asterisk on one of your favorite items, you’ll want to stock up as soon as possible.

Costco labels don’t just reveal stocking news, though. They can also divulge information about sales.

The bulk retailer isn’t known for making its discounts obvious, so you might not know when you’re getting the best deal. That doesn’t have to be true. All you need is to look for prices ending in .97. These items have been discounted, and you can safely assume you’re saving a bit more cash by picking them up.

If you love a good stroll down the Costco aisles, now you know to be on the lookout for both savings and signs to stock up.

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