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How To Carve a Turkey

The table is set, the wine’s been served, and now it’s time to carve the bird! Of course, that’s assuming someone knows how. If no willing volunteers come forward, have no fear. Carving a turkey isn’t hard, and we can help you do it perfectly!

If you’ve never carved a whole turkey before, it can be an intimidating endeavor. This is especially true if you’re going to carve it at the table, in front of an admiring, though sometimes judgmental, eyes. There’s no need to worry, though. Carving is easy.

How To Carve a Turkey

Start by removing the drumsticks. Simply slice along the side of the breast, where the thigh bone connects to the rest of the bird. Then, locate the wishbone at the top of the breast and pull it out.  Don’t forget to make a wish!

Remove the breasts next, by slicing on either side of the breast bone. Then, remove the wings by cutting at the joint. Finally, slice the thighs away from the turkey’s skeleton. At this point, you can go back to the breast meat and slice it into thinner rounds for serving.

See, it’s pretty easy! But, we know a visual is worth more than words when it comes to such a hands-on process. So check out this short video from our friends at the NY Times.

Once you’ve watched it, you’ll be a turkey carving master, ready to wow everyone at the table. We call that a happy Thanksgiving!

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