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Should You Drink More Water During Summer?

A woman drinks water from a bottle as the sun sets.
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We all know how important it is to drink water. In fact, you might already be getting adequate amounts of water, but can the amount you need to stay hydrated change seasonally?

Should you drink more water in summer? After all, temperatures are higher, and the sun is blazing. As it turns out, yes, you should be upping your water intake.

Whether you’re already hitting your hydration goals or need a bit of help sometimes, you should increase it for the hot weather. Well + Good spoke with Stacie Stephenson, DC, CNS, a chiropractor, functional medicine expert, and nutritionist, who explained that we all sweat more in summer (shocking, we know), and the more we sweat, the more water we lose. Drinking more water can help compensate for that loss.

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Keep water close by to stay hydrated.

While everyone should increase their hydration, Stephenson said it’s particularly important for those who exercise outside or participate in outdoor activities. When active in the heat, your core body temperature rises and the body is less able to deal with physical stress. When you drink adequate amounts of water, that strain is reduced.

Now, if you just don’t love water, that’s fine. You should still be drinking it, but there are ways to add hydration without it. Fruits and vegetables with high water contents like watermelon and celery can increase overall hydration as can teas and natural juices.

As the temperatures continue to rise, go ahead and grab some extra water. Your body will thank you.

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