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Wait, Is Pickle Juice Good for You?

A jar of pickles sits behind a glass of pickle juice and a small plate of pickles.
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From garnishing on a Blood Mary to adding some bite to a burger, pickles are a must-have in many kitchens. For some pickle lovers, pickle juice is the real star of the show.

But is pickle juice good for you?

Camille Skoda, RDN, LN, IFNCP, told Cleveland Clinic that pickle juice contains electrolytes thanks to its sodium content as well as potassium and magnesium. When used in moderation, it can help rehydrate you after a workout and prevent cramping.

According to Insider, some studies have even found that it could help regulate blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. Those studies looked at vinegar and not pickle juice specifically, but because it’s high in vinegar, the effect could extend to the juice.

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All of this sounds great, right? But pickle juice isn’t without its downside. The drink is high in sodium. Drinking it in excess could lead to elevated blood pressure which puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke. It is also generally not recommended for those with heart, liver, or renal disease.

So where does pickle juice fall on the healthy scale? Unfortunately for pickle lovers, you still don’t want to make a habit of downing pickle juice. However, when used sparingly—and in tandem with speaking to your doctor—pickle juice could be useful after particularly intense workouts to replenish electrolytes.

For now, though, you still might want to put down the pickle juice and grab a glass of water.

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