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Watering Your Plants This Way Can Minimize Disease

A woman waters a garden outdoors.
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Gardening can be a complex hobby. After all, you’re technically caring for living things. If plant disease is one of your concerns, a simple change in watering habits could help.

Watering the soil and plant roots directly can help cut down on the risk of plant diseases.

First, you should be watering your plants in the morning. By doing so, you give the water clinging to your plants’ leaves time to evaporate. Leaving water on your foliage can actually encourage diseases like tomato blight, as they thrive in moist environments.

The other method to preventing similar diseases is to target your plant’s soil and try to avoid soaking the leaves. The best way to do this is with a watering can or hose that allows you to fit in between plants and soak the soil.

Using a hose or sprinkler to water from above the plant can lead to excess moisture. It can then collect on leaves and stems. While watering early can help prevent the water building up (as the sun can assist in evaporation), by coupling it with focusing water on the soil, you can add another layer of protection.

If you’re committed to having the best tomato crop ever this year, you might want to snag a new watering can.

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