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I Couldn’t Make My Basil Last Until I Tried This Storage Method

Leaves of basil surround a wooden cutting board with a knife and chopped basil on top.

Fresh herbs make a delicious garnish, and if you’re lucky enough to grow your own, you’ve got an unlimited supply. Some of us, however, can’t keep a succulent alive, and because of this, we have to purchase our fresh herbs.

Until I tried this storage method, I couldn’t make my basil last. Now, though, I’ll never store it any other way.

Previously, I’d purchase my basil, leave it in the plastic container it came in, and place it in the pantry. Not even two days later, it had started to wilt and brown around the edges. Tired of wasting money on fresh herbs (and having zero ability to grow any sort of living thing), I opted to try the basil bouquet method. 

Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jars with Lids & Bands

Small-sized mason jars are perfect for this hack.

With this storage trick, you’ll trim the stems of your basil, leaving about an inch or so. Then, fill a mason jar with a few inches of water. Place your basil, stems down, into the water. Use a plastic or produce bag to cover the leaves. Place the covered jar on your countertop so it stays at room temperature and replace the water every few days.

When I tried this method, my basil was good for nine days. Yes, you read that right. It lasted for nine days and made a delicious topping for a cauliflower pizza on day seven.

If you, too, can’t seem to keep basil fresh, this storage method is worth trying, and if you really want to make basil stretch, you can always freeze it.

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