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Thinking About Sous Vide Cooking a Whole Turkey? Here’s How

a delicious looking turkey prepared via sous vide and then roasted in the oven
Cole Wagoner/Anova

If you’re big sous vide fans like we are, then you’ve probably entertained the notion of trying to sous vide a whole turkey. Here’s how.

The key to successfully sous vide cooking a big bird is, naturally, a big bag and a big container. Over at Anova, where they adore all things sous vide, they, naturally, have instructions on how to sous vide a turkey. They’ve included a very clever solution to get around the fact that the giant cavity in the turkey would make it float in a sous vide tank: Fill it with chicken stock to remove the air and help keep the turkey extra moist while cooking.

That problem solved, all you need is a container big enough for the bird. If you typically sous vide smaller cuts of meat, then you might not have a container on hand big enough to handle a large turkey. Here’s where one of our favorite sous vide hacks comes into play: turning a cheap cooler into a giant sous vide vat.

Finally, if you have any sous vide experience under your belt, you know the key to finishing sous vide meats is to sear them or crisp them up in the oven. That’s exactly how this whole maneuver ends, with a perfectly cooked and moist turkey sporting a beautifully browned exterior as seen in the photo above. For the full run down, check out the recipe at Anova.

[Via Lifehacker]

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