Looking for a New Turkey Tradition? Try It Chinese Barbecue-Style

a traditional Chinese-style roasted turkey in the window of a restaurant in Brooklyne
An Rong Xu/The New York Times

In Chinatowns across the urban centers of America this week, barbecue restaurants are spooling up to deal with a bit of a menu shift: cooking hundreds of turkeys for Thanksgiving day.

Most of us are debating whether or not we should brine our turkey or if we should go check out some old Alton Brown YouTube videos to help fortify our spirit for turkey preparation time. Meanwhile, more adventurous—and dare we say possibly more enlightened?—souls are waiting for a completely different kind of turkey.

Cathy Erway at The New York Times dove into a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition you’ve likely heard nothing about:

The three days leading up to Thanksgiving are manic at Kau Kau BBQ Market & Restaurant, a mainstay in Seattle’s Chinatown that specializes in Chinese barbecue. At least two extra cooks are brought on to help clean, brine, dry, baste and roast holiday turkeys 24 hours a day in the kitchen’s already packed ovens: crisp-skinned, five-spice-seasoned birds that Kau Kau makes according to the same process it uses for its roast duck.

We don’t know about you, but a giant turkey prepared just like a Chinese-style roast duck sounds absolutely delicious. For a full look at the tradition including more lovely (and delicious looking) photos, check out the full article here.

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