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8 Stunning Snack Boards that Will Wow Your Guests

A delicious snack board loaded with fruits, vegetables, and breads.
Nina Firsova/Shutterstock

If you need a fancy or festive appetizer for your next party, try one of these trendy snack boards. The food selection possibilities are endless, and they look fantastic.

What we’ve chosen for you makes ordinary charcuterie boards blush in embarrassment. We’ve got platters for winter parties, movie nights, and even Sunday night football. I mean, how can you go wrong with creating something delicious with no cooking involved? It’s a win-win!

Turkey Snack Board

A cheese, fruit, and cracker platter that resembles a turkey
The Baker Mama

Thanksgiving is just days away, so if you are worried about what to offer as an appetizer, why not try this cute turkey snack board. It’s festive and doesn’t require too much creativity. The mastermind behind this work of art has already taken care of that.

Another plus is that the turkey board offers options like fresh and dried fruits, as well as veggies, nuts, and crackers—nothing too filling before the great meal.

Get the Recipe: The Baker Mama

Football Party Snack Board

A corner view of a game-day snack board.
Celebrations At Home Blog

Across the US, millions of people love to watch football, and all that the game has to offer. If you are often in charge of cooking for these ever-important live events, then we’ve got a game-changer for you.

This awe-inspiring snack board offers all the best flavors of finger foods like carrots celery, cheese, chips, and of course, crispy chicken wings. Use your creativity and add in what your family and friends love.

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Easy Fall Apple and Cheese Board

A gorgeous platter filled with autumn fruits, cheese and caramel dip.
Bless This Mess Please

Fall is still technically here until December, so be sure to continue enjoying all the flavors offered this time of year. This apple and cheese board is stunning, and the natural colors it provides makes for the perfect late autumn dinner party.

From apples to gouda and swiss and of course the sweet and buttery caramel dip, this one screams cozy. So whip out your favorite rustic cutting board and get to crafting.

Get the Recipe: Bless This Mess Please

Winter Cheese Board

A small winter cheese board filled with rosemary garnish, sliced clementine, pickles, olives and honey comb.
Zestful Kitchen

Now that we’ve settled when seasons change, we shall declare that creating this vibrant and handsome winter cheese board is a must this December. The fresh clementine, dried figs, and pickles help create a colorful array of fresh food components.

The toasted walnuts and pungent cheeses are perfectly paired with sweet honeycomb. Oh my, are you hungry yet? As if this board isn’t pretty enough, you can further embellish it with fresh sprigs of rosemary. Pop open a bottle of your finest red and enjoy this fancy spread.

Get the Recipe: Zestful Kitchen

Easy Low-Carb and Gluten-Free Cheese Platter

A low-carb and Gluten-free charcuterie board.
Appetite for Energy

For all you keto-consumers, we’ve found the perfect platter for you. Ever worry about going to a get-together only to find that all the food options are things you can’t eat? This low-carb and gluten-free cheese board is the perfect appetizer to bring to any night event.

Prepare everything and store them in individual containers and baggies, show up early, then set up your board before the other guests arrive.

Get the Recipe: Appetite for Energy

Grilled Fruit Cheese Board

A cheese snack board filled with char grilled pineapples, and apples along with fresh honey, various cheeses and fresh avocado.
Muy Bueno Cookbook

Sinking your teeth into a juicy hunk of char-grilled fruit is nothing short of delicious. Grilling fruit like apples, pears, and pineapple is super easy, and the recipes available out there are endless.

Take a flour tortilla wedge, place a grilled fruit slice on top accompanied with a slice of cheese and drizzle it with honey. Once you take a bite of exquisite combination, you’ll never look back.

Get the Recipe: Muy Bueno Cookbook

Popcorn Movie Snack Platter

A snack platter filled with popcorn, various candies, fresh fruit, and pretzels.
Taming Twins

Next time you are hosting a sleepover for the kiddos, wow them with a fresh popcorn snack platter. Kids love candy and popcorn, but you can up the game by offering so many other excellent snacks too.

Fruits and pretzels, as well as anything else you think the kids will love to make for the perfect nighttime snack. Offer these, and the kids will always want to be at your place.

Get the Recipe: Taming Twins

Fruit and Chocolate Dessert Board

A dessert board filled with fresh berries, biscotti, chocolate and cheese.
Celebrations at Home Blog

We cannot forget about dessert!  This gorgeous arrangement of fruits, chocolate, and crusty biscotti makes for the perfect last course.

If you have an anniversary coming up or you want to show someone how much you love them, this sexy platter is a perfect way.

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