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Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip Aren’t the Same—Here’s Why

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Miracle Whip can be a controversial product, especially among mayonnaise lovers. In fact, there’s always a discussion about whether it’s actually even mayonnaise. As it turns out, there is a definitive answer.

Miracle Whip isn’t mayonnaise, and we’re not just saying that. The United States Food and Drug Administration has said so.

According to the FDA, mayonnaise must contain 65% vegetable oil by weight. Though Miracle Whip’s vegetable oil content isn’t known to the public (Kraft keeps it under wraps), it’s less than the FDA standard. That’s what makes this condiment not a type of mayonnaise.

So then what is Miracle Whip?

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Keep your mayo and Miracle Whip within reach.

The condiment has the same basic ingredients as mayonnaise—eggs, oil, and vinegar. However, it also contains sugar and some spices. That’s what grants it the signature flavor. Thanks to that rule about vegetable oil, it’s actually deemed a dressing.

The two are also different when it comes to nutrition. Miracle Whip has half the fat and calories of mayonnaise, but due to its added sweeteners, it does have more sugar than most mayos.

While they’re definitely not the same thing, Miracle Whip can be used in many of the same ways as mayonnaise. Add it in coleslaw, mix it up into a pasta salad, and yes, you can even use it on your sandwich.

The next time you’re contemplating which mayo to purchase, if you want that tangy taste, go for classic mayonnaise. If you want something sweeter, Miracle Whip is where it’s at.

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