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These On Sale Storage Bins Are Perfect for Your Summer Declutter

Storage bins are stacked in a closet, a woman packs a fabric storage bin, and two storage bins sit side by side in a closet.
Budding Joy

Arguably, spring is the time when most people roll up their sleeves and get to decluttering in the name of spring cleaning. However, if you plan to do some organizing over the summer, there’s an early Amazon Prime Day deal on storage bins you might want to check out.

You can snag a pack of six large, fabric storage bins for under $30 on Amazon. Yes, we were pretty gobsmacked to discover such a sale, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

So what makes these bins so special? First, it’s the size. The containers have a 90-liter capacity, and that makes them perfect for storing seasonal clothing, bedding, and extra towels. Thanks to the fabric construction, you don’t have to worry about any jagged or harsh edges affecting the contents.

Budding Joy Six Pack Clothes Storage Bins

Keep your clothes, linens, and bedding safe and organized.

Then, there’s the clear panel on the front. If you’re an organizing whiz or a dedicated declutter, you likely already know that professionals recommend clear plastic bins. Let’s be honest, they’re not always the most aesthetically pleasing. With these bins from Budding Joy, you can see the items you’ve stored away, and when you need an item, you’ll be able to identify which bin to grab.

Just because they’re made of fabric doesn’t make them less durable. The storage containers are a three-ply composite fabric that is strong and breathable, helping keep items vented but protected. With sturdy handles, you can easily rearrange your storage space or transport the container contents.

If you’ve been planning a major closet declutter, or you’re thinking ahead to switching out seasonal clothing in a few months, this deal is perfect.

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