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14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Fitness-Focused Gal in Your Life

Woman doing yoga on colorful mat
Karla Tafra / LifeSavvy

If the woman in your life loves to sweat it out, chances are she has a list of things that would make her workouts more efficient or fun. Not sure what might be on that list? Check out our suggestions to help narrow it down.

For The Yogini

Every yoga lover needs (at least) two things: a great quality mat and cute leggings.

Finding a mat that suits her needs will depend on what type of classes she plans to use it in, as heated yoga requires more grip and better sweat absorbance so that she doesn’t end up slipping all over the place. Liforme has been one of the top brands for a very long time, and in addition to having high-quality mats, they’re also known for their bright colors and geometrical lines-print, which helps with proper alignment.

Manduka is also a crowd favorite, as their versatile mats endure the most challenging classes, and you can choose from light & travel versions to super heavy duty ones. On the more affordable side, Airex offers a good-quality, tear-resistant sturdy mat which will do great on any surface.

Premium Yoga Mat

When it comes to leggings, you can never go wrong with Lululemon. Best known for their Align legging—which does a great job flattering every shape and size— they’ve been at the forefront of yoga activewear for over 20 years. Choose from a variety of designs and keep an eye on their seasonal, limited edition prints, as they’re almost always trendsetting.

Athleta has slowly been creeping up to Lulu throughout the recent years, and their soft and stretchy fabric found many devoted fans, but if you’re looking for something that offers excellent quality AND crazy affordable prices, sign your girl up for Fabletics, as they took the activewear world by surprise with their “2 pairs for only $24” deal.

Premium Yoga Leggings

For The Gym Enthusiast

There’s nothing worse than gym calluses from all that dumbbell and barbell gripping. Your Valentine will surely appreciate a good pair of workout gloves that will protect her skin, improve her grip and offer support when she needs it the most.

Hip thrust aficionados are always on the lookout for a good, thick barbell pad. Having it in her gym bag will not only make her look forward to her leg days but also feel good knowing nobody else was using it before her. Another great leg-day accessory that’s always hard to find in any gym and so worth investing in is a good ankle strap. Great for a variety of cable exercises, ankle straps make leg muscle isolation so much more efficient. And did we mention they’re affordable too?

Now that you got her all those awesome accessories, where is she going to put them in? Buying a perfectly-sized gym bag that’s not only cute but also spacious and has multiple compartments, is a perfect gift that will make her jump from joy once she unwraps it. This chic duffle bag from Beis with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps and a separate compartment for sweaty clothes has a transparent design, which makes it the perfect grab-and-go for those early mornings. On the other hand, this trendy Chuchka bag is made with neoprene fabric, which makes it super easy to clean (machine washable) and allows for extra breathiness.

For the Running Addict

Every woman who enjoys spending her time chasing those miles needs a good pair of running shoes. Choosing the ones that will be perfect for her isn’t an easy task, so make sure to talk to her before you go and splurge on a pair with all the best reviews. Although this Valentine’s Day gift won’t come as much of a surprise,  getting her something that fits her running style and supports her feet mile after mile is going to be a much-loved gift.

Another great gift idea is a smartwatch/tracker. From Apple Watch and Samsung Watch to Garmin and Fitbit, there are dozens of models you can choose from. Give how similarly priced a lot of these products are, go for the product that fits best into her tech ecosystem and lifestyle. A Samsung Watch isn’t super useful to somebody that sports the latest and greatest iPhone, after all.

Bonus idea: Get her Let Your Mind Run by Olympian Deena Kastor, an incredible memoir filled with positivity, motivation, hope, and dedication, which guided her throughout her impressive career as an elite athlete.

For The Fitness Traveler

If you’re buying a gift for a woman who leads a very active lifestyle but frequently changes locations, finding something she can easily pack in her carry-on is a great Valentine’s Day gift. Noise-canceling headphones such as this amazing pair from Bose are a great all-around gift— they’re awesome for air travel as well as staying in the zone at the gym.

Premium Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700,Bluetooth, Over-Ear Wireless with Built-In Microphone for Clear Calls & Alexa Voice Control,Black

From the airport to the elliptical machine, these headphones are comfortable and fantastic sounding.

Along with good headphones, consider a good set of resistance bands, like the ones from B_ND—which thousands of women swear changed their leg-workout game. Another great fitness gift idea for a woman who’s constantly on the road is a thin and fordable travel mat, which will make any hotel room, airport lounge, or Airbnb patio quickly transform into her own yoga studio.

For Recovery

Woman foam rolling upper body in the gym
Karla Tafra / LifeSavvy

Recovery is a huge and crucial part of every workout, so getting a good foam roller will help her deal with the muscle soreness and break down the lactic acid build-up, which not only speeds up recovery but also prevents injuries. From a basic and affordable model to trigger point and even vibrating, there are tons of foam rollers on the market you can choose from. If she’s never done it before, a basic one will do, but if she’s looking to upgrade the one she already owns, get her the vibrating model as it goes deeper into the fascia, which makes foam rolling that much more effective.

Best Vibrating Roller

TriggerPoint GRID VIBE PLUS Four-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

A sturdy foam roller plus deep tissue vibration makes for a great muscle recovery tool.

Another great recovery tool is acupressure balls, which allow for self-massage and targeting those hard-to-access lower back and hip points, which get too tense and sore to work on only by stretching them out. They’re also a lot more portable than a foam roller, so they’re easy to throw in a gym bag or even a suitcase to take on a trip.

For The Home Gym

And then there are those women who prefer to get their workout in without dragging themselves to a gym. Enter Peloton, the newest game-changing fitness obsession which brings the gym and studio into your home. Their bicycle, treadmill, mat, and other accessories are so much more than just machines and workout gear, and they’ll bring her home workouts to a whole new level.

If she doesn’t have enough space to install a bike or treadmill, check out Mirror, an invisible gym that serves as a mirror when not turned on! So, not only is she getting a personal workout studio, but you’re also adding to her interior design.

Fitness accessories are a great Valentine’s Day gift. Not only does it give you a chance to indulge your sweetie with a premium gift they might resist buying for themselves, but you’re supporting their fitness goals too. Snatch something from our Valentine’s Day gift guide, and we guarantee she’ll be over the moon!

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