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There’s a Scientific Reason People Like Pineapple on Pizza

A person lifts up a slice of pineapple pizza.
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There are a lot of divisive food opinions out there. Some, however, are more famous than others. Putting pineapple on pizza definitely ranks in the top ten.

As it turns out, there’s s reason why people like pineapple on pizza, and it’s all about how our taste buds respond to flavors.

If you’re a bit of a foodie, you might already know that taste breaks down into five different categories: sweet, salty, savory, bitter, and sour. With many foods, you get one of these flavors, but it’s the dishes that combine them that really make your taste buds sing. Pineapple pizza does that.

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When you add the sweetness of pineapple to the salty flavor of pizza, you basically get a taste explosion thanks to that salt and sweet combo. Because taste buds are able to experience flavors in layers, combining those profiles we mentioned earlier causes them to light up.

Spoon University explains things by looking at how our bodies crave certain things. The outlet reports that we tend to crave sugar as an energy source, and we want salt because it helps with bodily functions. When they’re matched, our taste buds naturally enjoy it.

The next time someone at the party wants to order pizza with pineapple on it, you might just want to give it another try.

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