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Why You Should Always Check the Dates on Costco Produce

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When it comes to bulk buying, Costco is arguably one of the biggest names in the game. The retailer has some dedicated shoppers (seriously, whole blogs dedicated to it), but its employees are now sharing some of their secrets online.

According to a Reddit thread, when it comes to shopping at Costco, you should be paying particular attention to your produce while shopping. There’s a chance it could be nearing expiration.

In the Costco subreddit, a person posted a question for the retailer’s employees inquiring about the things they wish they could tell customers to improve the shopping experience. While there are several great tips in the thread, an employee’s note about produce and baked goods feels particularly important.

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According to an employee, you should always double-check expiration dates and the quality of produce. The Reddit poster explained the stores get pallets full of fruits and vegetables, and sometimes, half of the pallets will be filled with produce that has mold and is beyond its expiration date.

No, that does not mean Costco is putting out old produce, obviously. However, some pieces could be closer to their expiration than not, and a few older pieces might fall through the cracks when stocking.

When you’re shopping for fruits and vegetables from Costco, just be a little extra thorough. If you’re bulk-buying to save some cash, check out these money-saving cooking hacks.

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