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This Handy Attachment Will Make Bathing Your Pet so Much Easier

A person gives a dog a bath using a handheld brush and showerhead.

Your dog needs a bath, but for many—dogs and owners alike—it’s a dreaded task. One handy tool might be able to make the process a bit easier for you both.

The AquaPaw Dog Bath Brush connects to your hose pipe or detachable showerhead and turns into a brush, scrubber, and rinsing tool that still allows you to pet and soothe your pup as you bathe them.

Made from a durable, firm but soft, and easily cleanable silicone, the AquaPaw is designed to slide over your hand and cover your palm with grips on the side for hold. The palm-forward side of the tool features gentle brush tips that allow you to comb through your dog’s fur as water comes through getting them thoroughly wet and ready to shampoo.

Once you do put the shampoo onto their fur, simply turn off the water flow and use those silicone bristles to scrub at your pup’s fur without unnecessary tugging or pulling. When it’s time to rinse, you won’t need to reach for a bucket or cup. Just turn the water back on and run the AquaPaw through their fur to get the suds out, choosing between a low or high setting for water flow.

If you’re tired of using a cup or bucket to rinse your pet, fighting with brushing before their bath, and want an easy and soothing way to get them squeaky clean, this clever grooming tool is worth trying.

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