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12 Housewarming Gift Ideas So Good You’ll Want to Keep Them

Front door sign, women enjoying wine and a cheese board, hummingbird shaped wind chime.

Buying a new home is the perfect excuse to throw a party. A new homeowner can invite friends and family over to show off their brand new residence to the people in their life. If you’re on the guest list for a housewarming party in the near future, don’t forget that it’s customary to bring a present for the host.

While you can never go wrong with a favorite bottle of wine or a big bouquet of flowers as a gift, you may also want to think outside the box a bit. But with hundreds, if not thousands, of options out there to choose from, where do you even begin?

To make shopping for a housewarming gift an easier task for you, here are a few suggestions that are both a little more creative yet still practical.

Charcuterie Board Set

Two extensive charcuterie boards side-by-side.

Charcuterie boards have become a staple of home entertaining in recent years, a perfect addition to any household for hosting parties. The large charcuterie board from SMIRLY goes above and beyond a standard wooden board for meat, cheese, and fruit.

Made from water-resistant bamboo, this charcuterie board features two side display drawers to provide extra space for food. Said drawers tuck away when not in use for easier storage and can be separated from the main board to serve as individual food or serving trays. The grooves along the central cheeseboard provide a convenient place to display crackers as well.

Also included are a wide array of handy accessories, including a set of cheese knives, a wine bottle opener, four sampling forks, and a separate round tray for fruit. Another drawer pulls out at the front of the tray, providing compact storage for these utensils.

SMIRLY Large Charcuterie Board Set

Holds enough meat, cheese, and fruit to satisfy even the hungriest partygoers.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast sandwich maker device next to a breakfast cheese and bacon sandwich.
Hamilton Beach

Breakfast is commonly coined “the most important meal of the day,” and a little breakfast sandwich maker like this one will allow your friend or loved one to create a filling morning meal in just a few minutes.

This single-serve breakfast maker from Hamilton Beach is the perfect blend of customizable, easy operation, and efficiency. Any suitable sized bread, English muffin, bagel, (precooked) meats, cheeses, and even uncooked eggs can be placed inside this device to quickly cook a tasty breakfast sandwich that perfectly suits the user’s taste and dietary needs.

As a bonus, all the parts are removable and dishwasher safe for easy, convenient cleanup.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Makes a tasty breakfast sandwich with the ingredients of choice in four easy steps.

Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable chopper device on a kitchen countertop next to another one chopping an onion.

By gifting your friend or loved one this vegetable chopper from Fullstar, you’ll be saving them lots of time spent cutting up vegetables in the kitchen—and potentially save their fingers as well.

This device is among the most versatile vegetable choppers out there. The 9-in-1 appliance is capable of chopping, slicing, dicing, spiralizing, and more. There are seven different interchangeable inserts for different cutting styles, including two different vegetable spiralizers.

Despite the name, this chopper isn’t just suitable for vegetables either. This vegetable chopper can slice fruit and hard-boiled eggs, remove or separate egg yolks, and juice fresh fruit as well. A handheld peeler comes included too, which can be used to peel vegetables and cut them julienne-style.

Fullstar 9-in-1 Deluxe Vegetable Chopper

Slice, dice, chop, peel, spiralize, and more with this extremely versatile vegetable chopper.

Oven Storage Shelf

Two over-oven storage racks, one crome and one black.

Usually it’s not a great idea to store items atop the back of a stove or oven. Not without this oven shelf from StoveShelf, anyway.

The stove shelf is incredibly easy to install—the two magnets fixed to the bottom ensure that it attaches directly and instantly onto the stove without any special tools or hardware or drilling involved. Made from stainless steel to resist odors, stains, and rust, the shelf provides a solid, durable, and level place to stash kitchen utensils, bottles of oil, and other items that are useful to have on hand while cooking. It can even serve as a makeshift spice rack.

The shelf is available in three different sizes and six different colors, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that perfectly suits the oven in your host’s new home.

StoveShelf Black Magnetic Shelf for Kitchen Stove

Turn that empty space on top of the oven into storage space or a decorative shelf---or both.


Mug on a coaster next to a box of coasters

Every household needs at least one set of coasters to protect furniture from getting stained or wet, and these charming, welcoming coasters from Panchh Collections will suit any and all homes.

Sold in packs of six, each one of these tabletop drink coasters is made from absorbent sandstone with an anti-scratch cork backing. They’re suitable for hot and cold drinks alike and wipe clean easily. When not in use, the coasters stack neatly on top of one another inside the included metal holder for more organized storage.

Best of all, from a housewarming gift-giving perspective, this set also comes with a handy, attractive gift box, so you won’t have to provide your own.

PANCHH Rustic Farmhouse Stone & Cork Coasters

You can't go wrong with a set of these cozy, welcoming coasters.

Decanter Set

Rounded whiskey decanter with two globe-patterned whiskey glasses.

A nice decanter is a worthwhile addition to any home bar, and your host will love the unusual but classy shape of this unique whiskey decanter.

Made from hand-blown glass with a real wooden stand and gold stopper, the ship-and-globe design of this decanter will bring Old World elegance to mind whether it’s sitting atop a bar cart, bar cabinet, or anywhere else in the home. Especially when paired with the two matching, rounded whiskey glasses, also handmade and hand etched.

The wooden stand also features two slots where the whiskey glasses can be safely placed to prevent them from spilling or tipping over. And despite the name, there’s no reason this decanter and its glasses can’t be used to serve other beverages, even nonalcoholic ones.

Godinger Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

World travelers and homebodies alike will love sipping drinks from this unique whiskey decanter and its matching etched glasses.

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

Wine rack holding several bottles of wine and wine glasses with wine glass markers.

Your friend or loved one is going to need a place to stash all those bottles of wine they’ll likely receive at their housewarming party, so why not provide them with one?

This wall-mounted wine rack from Trivetrunner-Anna Stay is extremely convenient, and not just because it provides a place to hold five bottles of wine, four wine glasses, and leftover wine corks for those who like to collect them. Since this is a floating wine rack, it can be mounted in any open wall space, in any room in the home.

In addition to the wine bottle rack, glasses holders, and built-in wine cork tray, this product comes included with six wine charms so guests at any future parties won’t sip someone else’s drink by mistake.


This floating wine rack provides storage space for an array of different wine-related accessories.

Solar Wind Chimes

Light up hummingbird-shaped wind chimes.

Wind chimes are an ear-pleasing addition to any porch, patio balcony, or garden, and this solar-powered set from Six Foxes will be appealing to the eye as well.

The beautiful green crystal hummingbirds that make up these lovely wind chimes will shine and sparkle as they absorb the sunlight during the day. This, in turn, allows them to glow in bright, vibrant rainbow shades at night. They’re lightweight, come with a convenient hanging hook, and are both rain- and moisture-proof to help the wind chimes better withstand the elements.

If you don’t think the hummingbirds will suit your host’s tastes or home décor, there are four other shapes from which to choose.

SIX FOXES Solar Hummingbird Wind Chimes

Garden and porch accessories don't get much prettier than this light-up, solar-powered set of wind chimes.

Interchangeable Front Door Sign

Round wooden welcome home sign.

Every front door looks cozier and more inviting with a nice welcoming sign hanging from it, and new and experienced homeowners alike will appreciate having this round wooden model from RoseCraft on theirs.

This particular welcome sign isn’t just a cute accent piece for the front door or fence. The “o” in “home” can be switched out and replaced with 14 interchangeable pieces at any time. There’s a piece that matches every season or major holiday, making it appear more festive, decorative, and seasonal with minimal effort.

And while this sign was designed with front doors and fences in mind, there’s no reason it can’t be used as a piece of interior holiday décor instead.

RoseCraft Interchangeable Seasonal Welcome Sign

The interchangeable piece for every major holiday and season allows this front door sign to stand out among the crowd.

Customizable Canvas Print

Canvas portrait of two dogs on display in a modern living room.

You can never go wrong with a personalized gift, and this custom photo-to-canvas print from Anjiefo will be a welcome addition to any new home with walls that need filling. 

Any photo you have access to can be uploaded and superimposed onto this canvas stretched across a sturdy wooden frame in order to create a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. A beloved pet, a favorite vacation spot, you and your loved one together, a photo of the whole family– the possibilities are endless.

Multiple different sizes are available (15 in total) to better suit the size of your host’s new home. A built-in hook and all the necessary hardware come included with your purchase as well, so the recipient can hang their new wall art as quickly and easily as possible.

Anjiefo Personalized Photo to Canvas Print

You can never go wrong with a thoughtful personalized gift, no matter the occasion.

Bed Sheets

Stack of bedsheets next to a bed made with white sheets.

Bed sheets are one of those items that no household can ever have too many of, making this highly rated Mellanni bed sheet set an excellent housewarming present for anyone.

Made of soft yet durable microfiber fabric that’ll feel hotel- or spa-level luxurious, this set of bed sheets consists of a fitted sheet, a regular flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Each piece is resistant to wrinkles and stains and shouldn’t have any issues with fading or shrinking no matter how many times they go through the wash.

These sheets come in an impressive array of colors (41 in total), and the amount of size options is staggering, especially since each size can be bought with extra-deep elastic pockets to better keep the fitted sheet from riding up at night.

Mellanni Luxury Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases

There's a set of these bed sheets for every mattress, no matter the size.

Home Tool Kit

Full toolbox next to an array of home tools.

An especially useful gift choice for first-time homeowners, this comprehensive toolkit from Cartman will ensure your host is prepared for all those little home repairs that pop up upon moving into a new place. 

Every home needs its own toolbox and the tools to fill it. Rather than buying a hammer here, a pair of needle-nose pliers there, this set comes included with pretty much every sort of tool needed to perform standard, commonplace home repairs. It contains everything from a hammer to a retractable tape measure to multiple wrenches and much more.

Each tool in this set is made from highly strong alloy steel and has been treated with heat and plated with chrome to make them stronger yet, as well as resistant to rust and corrosion. Your host won’t ever have to spend their time removing rust from these tools.

CARTMAN General Household Hand Tool Kit

This handy, comprehensive kit contains just about every tool needed to perform basic home repairs.

If you’re looking for some housewarming party gift ideas that your friend or loved one will find both thoughtful and useful, any one of these items is sure to be appreciated, used, and cherished for years to come.

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