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Yes, A Left-Handed Gel Pen Exists!

A doctor slides a pen into a coat pocket, a person carries a clear bag with pens inside, and a person writes on a notepad with a pen.

If you’re left-handed or know someone who is, you know that finding the perfect pen can be difficult. There’s all that smudging, and gel pens, in particular, are the worst culprits. But what if we told you there’s a left-handed gel pen that won’t smudge?

Sharpie’s S-Gel pens feature no smear, no bleed technology that finally lets left-handed people use gel pens.

Why are gel pens so hard for left-handed people to use? Well, when you write with your left hand, you’re still writing as everyone else does: left to right. The difference is that the side of a left-handed person’s hand will rest on paper that’s been freshly written on whereas someone right-handed has blank paper. The result is smudging and ink-stained skin.

Sharpie S-Gel 12 Count

Say goodbye to ink-stained hands.

Sharpie S-Gels take care of this with its no smear, no bleed ink technology. While writing with a lot of pressure and dispensing more ink might result in smudging, with a light hand, this pen is perfect. Plus, the ink has a matte finish with extremely pigmented ink for crisp, clear writing. Toss in a comfortable rubber grip, and the option for red, black, or blue ink, and you’ve basically got a perfect pen. 

Whether you’re looking for the best pen for back-to-school season, are into bullet journaling, or need some for the office, the Sharpie S-Gel is the pen of the moment.

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