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Purge Your Holiday Decoration Clutter While You Decorate

woman holding a big cluttered box of holiday decorations

It’s time to start thinking about putting up Christmas decorations. Before you put your old holiday discards back in the tote until Christmas is over, take some time now to purge your collection.

No, seriously. This is the best time to do it. At the end of the holiday season, nobody wants to sit there and sort through decorations they just want to jam them back into storage. Now is the perfect time to sort, purge, and then decorate with the items you actually love.

Give Your Adult Children Their Childhood Ornaments

If you have adult children with families of their own, pass on their childhood ornaments to them. Even if they don’t have kids of their own, they’ll enjoy reminiscing each year as they hang all of those ornaments on the tree in their own home.

This also cuts down on how many decorations you need to store each year. You can focus on a more minimalistic tree design, or you can buy new ornaments.

Donate Any Decorations You No Longer Need

Tastes change, and you may no longer like some of the holiday decorations in your collection. Why hold onto them? Pre-holiday is the perfect time to donate the ornaments and decorations you no longer want. The thrift store will readily get them on the shelves so they can find new homes.

Any decorations you dread putting out or those you keep packed up each year can go in a donation box. If you have more ornaments than you have room on your tree for, weed out some of them.

Toss Broken and Damaged Items

As you’re putting up your decorations, when you find items that are broken or scratched, consider whether they’re reparable or ready for the trash. Can that Santa statue be glued back together and still look good? Can you paint the scratches on your favorite ornament?

Before you decide to keep any of your decorations as fix-it projects, be sure to consider whether or not you have the time to do it. If you’re not going to get it ready to decorate with it this holiday season, just toss it.

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