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Here’s How to Revive a Flattened Pillow

A woman fluffs pillows on a bed.
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You’re tossing and turning in your sleep. Then, you wake up to realize your head is basically pushed into the mattress thanks to a flat pillow. But don’t count it out and buy new ones just yet. There might be a way to save it.

Your dryer is all you need to fluff your pillows back up and extend their life.

Fluffing flattened pillows is all about reintroducing airflow into the fill material according to Jack DellAccio, founder and CEO of Essentia, who spoke with Martha Stewart. As you sleep on a pillow, the air is released as it’s compressed, leaving it flat. For some fill types, this flattening can be permanent, but if you have a traditional fiber-filled pillow or a loose foam pillow, you might just be able to revive it.

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Just in case you do need to replace your pillows.

If hand fluffing and shaking aren’t cutting it for your pillows, your dryer is the best bet to reintroduce air into the fill material (just be sure to check the labels to ensure they’re dryer safe first). One of the most popular methods involves a tennis ball.

You’ll pop the ball into a sock and tie off the top. Then, you’ll pop it into your dryer alongside your pillows (but be careful not to overload it) and turn on the low heat setting to dry. The tennis ball will help to fluff the pillow as will the rotating cycle of the dryer.

Once the cycle is done, take your pillows out, fluff them a bit with your hands, and they should (almost) as good as new.

While you will eventually need to replace your pillows, that day does not have to be today.

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