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Can You Make Sparkling Wine With a Soda Stream?

Two flutes of sparkling wine.

You have a SodaStream. You have wine, but what you really want is sparkling wine. So can you make some in your SodaStream?

We’ve got a bit of mixed news about making sparkling wine in your SodaStream.

If we’re talking should you make sparkling wine in your SodaStream, the answer is no. It’s absolutely not recommended by the brand, and according to reporting from Epicurious, the process could be disastrous.

If you’re not familiar with SodaStream, it’s designed specifically for carbonated water, and it does so using a CO2 canister within the machine. The CO2 adds those desired bubbles and gives you perfectly carbonated soda water (that you can flavor). For those who love seltzer, it’s a must-have.

SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker

It shouldn't be used to make wine, but if you love sparkling water, go ahead and grab a Sodastream.

Theoretically, you should be able to carbonate anything, right? Unfortunately for sparkling wine lovers, no. Wine is more viscous and sticky than water, and it’ll clog your machine resulting in actual wine explosions (no, really, HuffPost tried it). Not what you want.

Now, here’s the thing though. There are videos out there that show how to craft SodaStream sparkling wine successfully. It’s all about slowly carbonating the wine and using the CO2 sparingly over time. So, can you make sparkling wine with a SodaStream? Maybe, if you’re careful, but we really don’t recommend trying this and risking a wine explosion in your kitchen.

So, maybe the next time you’re craving some sparkling wine, just head to the store and buy it.

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