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Do You Need to Season Your Non-Stick Pans?

A person pours olive oil into a pan.

If you’ve got cast iron cookware, you already know it needs to be seasoned before use. But are there other items that need the same pre-cooking treatment? Should you season a non-stick pan?

As it turns out, yes, your non-stick pans also require seasoning but don’t worry. It’s an easy task.

Seasoning a non-stick skillet is similar to how you’d season a cast iron one. You do it in order to ensure the non-stick surface stays smooth and well, non-stick. It’ll help fill in any gaps in the coating and assist in keeping the coating intact. When your pan feels like it’s getting a bit sticky, you can re-season it and help extend its life.

So, how do you do it? You’ll wash and dry the skillet first. Then, place the pan over medium heat for 30 seconds. Add a small amount of canola or vegetable oil. Next, using a folded paper towel or cloth, rub the oil over the entire pan.

When covered, turn off the heat, allow the skillet to cool, and wipe off any excess. That’s it. You’ve got a seasoned non-stick skillet.

If you’ve gotten new cookware or are planning to buy it soon, don’t forget this step that’ll help make it last longer and might save you some cash in the process.

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