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9 Reasons Fake Christmas Trees Are Better

A beautifully decorated artificial tree in the corner of a brightly lit room.
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With Christmas almost here, it’s the perfect time to make a case for the fake tree. There are plenty of benefits to choosing an artificial evergreen for your home holiday decorations.

When it comes to a holiday with traditions, Christmas is a big one, and we understand some people are loath to give up live Christmas trees. But hey, you can still deck out a fake tree with tinsel and slide the presents under it. Here are nine reasons to consider putting up a fake one this year.

You Don’t Have to Buy a New One Every Year

Your fake Christmas tree will stay with you for many years. How long your artificial tree lasts, of course, depends on the original quality and proper storage. You can invest in storage bags and tote boxes made specifically for Christmas tree storage, so even if the original box starts to look a little rough, you can still store it safely.

I have a small, four-foot tree that’s been with us for three Christmases now. It’s still in great shape. In fact, if you don’t mishandle them—I’ll admit, I lost one small branch this year because I pulled it out of the storage bag by a limb instead of the base—they’ll last virtually forever. Our Editor in Chief Jason still has his grandparents’ decades-old artificial tree, and it’s in excellent shape.

There’s No Need to Trek Out in the Cold with an Ax

Unless you enjoy chopping down trees, your fake tree saves you all of that extra work. No need for an ax or trekking through the snow to find the “perfect” tree at the tree farm. No need to drag a sled out to hall the tree back to the car, and no strapping a bushy tree with needles poking you to the top of your vehicle. Even if you get your real tree pre-cut at a local store or stand, you can still skip the pine-needles-everwhere routine.

For some families, cutting down the Christmas tree each year is tradition — but putting up a faux tree can be a great tradition, too.

Fake Trees Are Bug- and Allergen-Free

Trees grow outside and are home to many critters, including bugs. You might think your tree is safe from bugs because it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean a family of aphids or beetles isn’t hanging out in there ready to wake up when the tree warms up in your home.

Also, plenty of people are allergic to the smell of pine trees and dust. Pets can be allergic, as well. If you notice excess sneezing and runny noses in your home when the fresh-cut tree is added to your decor, you should consider swapping for a fake tree and saving your family from the sniffles.

Faux Christmas Trees Are Less Messy

Not only are you bringing pine dust and bugs into your house, but your Christmas tree will start drying out over the month, and it will begin dropping dried pine needles on the floor. You’ll need to vacuum around the tree daily, especially if you have young children or pets who might try to eat the pine needles.

There are no dried out, falling needles with a fake tree. If your faux Christmas tree does get old enough to become brittle and start falling apart, buy a new one. You probably won’t see your artificial tree start to show signs of wear for years. It’s not like the tiny PVC strands they make the needles out of are at risk for falling off from dehydration and neglect.

You Can Be Creative

A beautifully decorated room with rustic decor and a large Christmas tree hanging upside down from the ceiling.
Good luck pulling off the ol’ upside-down-tree move with a real Christmas tree. Fusionstudio/Shutterstock

You can be more creative with a fake tree. Live Christmas trees come in one standard color, but you can get an artificial tree in pink, blue, white, silver, black, purple, or green. There are glittery Christmas trees, too. Plus, you can get them in desktop sizes or get a seven-foot or taller tree (if your home has the clearance for it).

With fake trees, you can have a different style tree for each room in your house. You can get a desktop tree for the office, and not have to worry about your co-worker’s allergies.

There Are Real-Looking Fake Trees, Too

For the right price, you can find a faux Christmas tree that looks nearly like the real thing. Not all fake trees look like fake trees. If you prefer something authentic, do a little shopping around and find the tree that works for you and your family.

Look for a faux Christmas tree with fuller branches. The thicker the tree looks, the more real it will appear.

You’ll Save Money

The price of Christmas trees can vary, depending on where you live. You’re looking at about $75 or more a year for a real tree. While ultra-premium fake Christmas trees can cost you a pretty penny—we’re looking at you Balsam Hill, with your beautiful $$$$ trees—you can find some really nice trees at a variety of price points. Even if you end up spending, say, $200 on a nice tree, you break even after using it for only three Christmases.

The best time to invest in a fake tree is right after Christmas. You can get a pricier tree on clearance and have something fancy for the following year.

Real Trees Have an Increased Fire Risk

Fake and real trees both come with some risk of becoming a fire hazard if you’re putting lights on the trees. Any frays in the wires for your Christmas light could spark a fire, but the risk is increased when you have a real tree.

Live Christmas trees dry out as they sit in your home. You have to water your real tree frequently to keep it fresh and safe. Fake trees don’t need to be watered and are built from materials that are flame-retardant.

No Need to Deal with Yearly Disposal

At the end of the holiday season, you can easily pack up your fake tree until next year. With a live tree, you need to deal with disposal because the last thing you want to do is toss a highly-flammable pile of pine branches next to your garage to sit around until you deal with it. While some areas have services for Christmas tree disposal, you might have to pay your trash company extra to come to get your live tree.

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