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What’s a Bowl Hugger? It’s One of Amazon’s Most Useful Products

A person holds a bowl with a holder around its bottom.

You’ve heated up soup in the microwave, but now, it’s impossible to touch the bowl without getting a massive burn. You’ve got to find a way to wrap some sort of kitchen towel around it, and yes, it’s a real pain. But there is a simple solution.

You can buy a bowl hugger on Amazon, and yes, we know it sounds weird. But it’s arguably one of the most ingenious products we’ve ever seen.

These handy huggers, well, hug your bowl. Think of them as the coffee cozy of bowls. They’re made from polyester and sponge material and are designed to go underneath your bowl and wrap around the sides as you heat your food. Once your meal is warm, you can reach into the microwave and grab it. No burns are required.

SHILA Bowl Huggers

Say goodbye to burned hands.

Plus, if you want to carry your soup (or other warm meal) to the couch or bed (because let’s be honest, we know you’re eating on the couch, so are we), you can. The material allows you to cup the bowl, so you can hold it as you eat and marathon watch your favorite show. Yes, this also works for cold bowls of ice cream!

As for care, simply hand wash or toss it into your washing machine. Hang it up to air dry, and the hugger should retain its shape.

If you’ve been burned on too many times by your microwavable bowl, the bowl hugger is about to be your new BFF.

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