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Here’s How to Get Excess Moisture Out of Tomatoes

A group of cherry tomatoes are scattered on a table with a few cut in half.

If you’ve ever meal-prepped salads for lunch, you know there’s a bit of a science to it. You can’t let the ingredients get soggy. Part of that delicate packing process involves stopping the moisture in tomatoes from invading more delicate veggies. Good news: there’s a solution.

All you need to eliminate moisture from tomatoes is a bit of salt.

This hack comes courtesy of Talia Koren, content creator and author of Work Week LunchIn a recent post, Koren shows how she uses salt to draw moisture from tomatoes and make them perfect for tossing into salads.

To use her trick, you’ll cut your grape of cherry tomatoes in half. Then, place them into a mesh strainer over a bowl. Sprinkle roughly a tablespoon of salt over top and stir for a few moments.

The salt will help draw out the moisture which will drain into the bowl (and use be repurposed for dressing recipes). The tomato flavor will be more concentrated, and you won’t need to worry about soggy lettuce in your salad.

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Grab some mason jars for your salads.

The next time you’re planning on meal-prepping some mason jar salads for lunch, you might want to try Koren’s trick. If you’re more of a wrap person, she’s also got a hack for folding the perfect wrap.

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