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Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

A set of blue light glasses sit on a laptop.
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If like me, you spend copious hours in front of a screen, you might have turned to blue light glasses to help reduce your eye strain. But do blue light glasses actually work?

As it turns out, those blue light glasses might not be doing you any good when it comes to reducing digital eye strain.

Unfortunately, a study published in 2020 found that blue light-blocking lenses did little to actually prevent eye strain. Within the study, 24 people were asked to perform a 20-minute reading task from a tablet computer. The subjects either wore blue-blocking lenses or a control lens without a filter. After the task, the subjects completed a questionnaire regarding their digital eye strain symptoms.

Based on the questionnaire, little digital eye strain reduction was found.

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Night time use of blue light blocking glasses is actually helpful.

But this doesn’t mean blue-light blocking glasses can’t be useful. There is one extremely practical application. Blue light has been found to disrupt your sleep cycle by messing with your circadian rhythm. That’s why so many sleep experts suggest not scrolling on your phone before bed.

The answer? Blue light glasses. If you’re a nighttime scroller, or you tend to work late at night, blue light glasses can prevent those disruptions and help you sleep better despite using technology before bed.

Before you toss those blue light glasses, think about your work schedule and adjust your use. If you do suffer from digital eye strain, try the 20-20-20 rule to reduce it.


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