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Is a Halloween Candy Shortage Coming?

Halloween candy is inside of plastic pumpkins.
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Yes, summer is in full swing, but you might want to start thinking about Halloween a bit earlier than usual this year. There might be less candy than usual.

According to Reuters, Hershey announced that it will be short of meeting demand this Halloween as well as this Christmas.

As for the reason, there are a few, but you’ve probably already guessed what they are. The supply chain disruptions caused by the Russia-Ukraine war have made supplies of cocoa, oil, and other ingredients more scarce. This has slowed production and lowered supply, and it’ll continue through the holiday season.

The other part of the Halloween candy shortage, though, is that the company has had to focus on meeting the demands during non-holiday periods. Because Hershey needs to keep meeting its current demand, ramping things up won’t really be possible.

All of this being said, though, the company still expects to have a busy Halloween season with sales topping that of last year.

SCS Direct Teal Pumpkin Halloween Trick or Treat Bucket

Skip the candy and go for non-food treats to help those with allergies.

How can you deal with the shortage if it comes? Well, first, you can always opt for non-Hershey candy, but secondly, you can choose treats that aren’t food based at all. In fact, if you know a child in your neighborhood has food allergies or you’re worried about kids who might, options like pencils, toys, and knick-knacks are a great way to keep everyone safe.

While sure, Halloween candy might be sparse this year, trick or treating can still be a blast.

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