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How to Make an Over-the-Door Snack Station

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Who among us doesn’t love a snack break or an extra treat packed in your lunch for later? Modern grab-and-go snacks make it easy to enjoy snacktime on even the busiest schedule– as long as you’re not wasting too much time digging through your pantry or cupboards looking for the perfect snack, anyway.

But what if we told you there was an incredibly simple way to organize the snacks in your pantry, so you can locate and grab your favorite bag of chips or snack packs in mere seconds?

Literally all you need is an over-the-door shoe organizer with see-through pouches and a few bags of your (or your children’s) favorite snacks.

Felibeaco Over The Door Shoe Organizers

If you don't already have an over-the-door shoe organizer handy at home, try this pair on for size.

There are quite a few over-the-door shoe organizers out there, with different numbers of rows and pouches or pockets. So first and foremost, measure your pantry door and figure out which size will be right for you and your needs. (An organizer with 5 or 6 row containing 20 to 24 pouches should nicely fit more standard pantry doors.)

Next, use the organizer’s included hooks to attach and hang it from the top of the pantry door. You can hang it on the interior or exterior of the door– totally your call.

Once the organizer is securely in place, go ahead and fill the pouches with your snacks. Each pouch should be able to hold around 3 snack bags (though this may vary depending on the size of the bags and the pouches). You can buy pre-sized snack packs of your favorite treats or portion out and pack your own snacks in ziplock bags.

The great thing about this makeshift snack station is that you can organize different snacks or brands by row or pouch; put all your potato chips in one row, cookies in another, etc. And since the organizer’s pouches are see-through, you’ll never have to dig through your pantry to find what you’re looking for and will always be able to tell when you’re running low on a certain type of snack.

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