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Here’s How to Properly Shred Cabbage

A head of cabbage, shredded cabbage, and a knife sit on a wooden cutting board.
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Some produce is straightforward when it comes to slicing and dicing. For me, cabbage has always been one of the most confusing—especially when it comes to shredding. But is there a simple way to do it?

As it turns out, a few simple steps can get you perfectly shredded cabbage without a ton of work.

Why do you need to know how to shred cabbage? After all, don’t they make slaw mix? Yes, they do, but if you’re planning to customize a recipe for coleslaw, make homemade sauerkraut, or create a topping for dishes like fish tacos, fresh cabbage is the crunchiest, easiest-to-customize option. Unlike bagged versions, there are no bits of carrots, broccoli, or other veggies to get in the way of your perfect recipe.

Thanks to a video from Martha Stewart (of course), you can shred cabbage in seconds. First, you’ll remove any damaged leaves, and then cut the head in half through the core. For shredded cabbage, you’ll then need to cut out the core. While this sounds complicated, it’s not.

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The core is triangular and at the base of the head. Using a knife, cut into both sides of the core at the angles where it meets the leaves. The slices should look like a triangle. You’ll then be able to simply slide out the core.

When it’s removed, place the cabbage cut side down and slice the cabbage thinly from the top to the bottom. In the end, you’ll have thin strips perfect for a variety of recipes.

If you’ve got an end-of-summer cookout on the horizon and need to make coleslaw or want some delicious sauerkraut, this easy cabbage chopping hack will work perfectly.

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