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Pumpkin Spice Oreos are Back (for a Limited Time)

Many OREO sandwich cream biscuits on wooden background.

There are so many different Oreo flavors nowadays that it can be hard to remember them all. Especially with limited editions that are only available for a short period time, never knowing when or if they’ll reappear on grocery store shelves.

But if you were a fan of the limited edition pumpkin spice Oreos from five years ago, you’re in luck– this fall-themed flavor is back in action.

For a little while, at least.

This flavor of Oreos features their alternate golden vanilla cookie, rather than the classic chocolate one, with orange pumpkin spice-flavored cream in the middle; a dream come true for those who can’t wait for autumn to arrive or can’t get enough pumpkin spice foods and drinks. They’re a tasty, fall-themed companion to milk and coffee alike.

Stauffer's Variety 3-Pack

Give these cookies a try if you want to enjoy fall flavors-- pumpkin spice included-- all year long.

As of August 15th, these Oreos were officially back on the shelves of grocery stores and drugstores. Any store where you can normally buy Oreos should carry them. You can also buy them on Habisco’s website or elsewhere online.

However, these Oreos are once again being released as a limited time flavor. While the official end date hasn’t been stated yet, it’s unlikely they’ll be available once fall is over. So be sure to run to the store and grab yourself a packet of these pumpkin spice cookies sooner rather than later.

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