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Wait, You Can Organize Your Desk With Cupcake Liners?

Stack of colorful cupcake cases.
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Cupcake liners and cups are the best way to prevent your cupcakes or muffins from sticking to your baking pans in the oven. And when paired with colorful wrappers, they make your baked goods look more decorative too.

Turns out these colorful little cups aren’t only useful for baking. They can make for handy home organizational tools, particularly at your desk.

It’s all too easy for smaller office supplies—paper clipserasers, thumbtacks, and the like—to get tossed into desk or kitchen drawers and become a scattered, disorganized mess.

Rather than digging through the drawer every time you need a rubber band, stick a couple of cupcake liners into the drawer or on top of your desk and place your smaller office supplies items inside. This will keep assorted desk items contained in one compact area and make it easier to find and grab what you’re looking for while taking up much less space than a desk organizer. (And possibly cost less as well.)

IELEK Silicone Cupcake Baking Cups

Don't have any cupcake wrappers at home? Try these silicone ones out for size.

Silicone cupcake wrappers are the better option since they’re washable, reusable, and much more durable and long-lasting than classic paper wrappers. And, unlike some paper or aluminum wrappers, silicone models tend to come in different colors rather than a single shade or two, so you can even color code your office supplies; blue for binder clips, pink for staples, etc.

Cupcake baking cups aren’t just good home organizational tools, either. You can use them for a whole range of other tasks, especially the silicone ones. They’re great as makeshift coasters for your car’s cup holders, spoon rests while cooking, and more.

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