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Leftover Wine Corks Can Protect Your Earrings While Traveling

wine corks are scaterred on a table.
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When it comes time to pack, jewelry just might be some of the hardest items to travel with. After all, they can get tangled, lost, or broken. But as it turns out, your wine’s cork could help you out.

You can store your earrings using a wine cork and not worry about a small stud getting lost again.

A cork is, obviously, made of cork. It’s the same stuff used to craft corkboards in offices and classrooms that you can tack items onto. Much like how you insert a tack into a board, you can stick your earrings into a leftover cork.

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Even if you do use a cork, a jewelry organizer is also a great call.

All you have to do is push the pointed back of your earrings into the cork, making sure they’re securely in place. A single cork can hold at least two pairs of studs or a set of studs and a more dramatic piece. Once they’re inserted, you’ll only need a single set of backs that you can place into a small bag and toss into your jewelry bag.

If you’re constantly feeling like you’re missing an earring when traveling, go ahead and open a bottle of wine while you pack. Then, repurpose that wine cork so you can always have a perfectly accessorized outfit. If need more jewelry packing tips, we’ve got you covered.

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