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Candy Cane Mixers: 7 Cocktails Packed with Peppermint Goodness

Two pink peppermint martinis sitting on a counter with candy canes and evergreen branches.
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You love sipping spirits and crunching on candy canes, so why not combine the two? Here are seven adult beverages that will pucker your lips with peppermint glee.

This winter, celebrate with friends at your next holiday party with one of these fresh cocktails. Sipping on any of these festive drinks will leave you with a refreshing and cooling aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more. The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert mixologist to make any of these yummy beverages.

Baileys Candy Cane Cocktail

A chocolate rimmed martini glass filled with baileys peppermint drink.
Slow the Cook Down

You’ll need a cocktail shaker, and a blender to make this one-of-a-kind Bailey’s drink. First, you will break up your candy cake and melt your chocolate for the perfect martini rim dip. Pressing your chocolate-rimmed glass into the candy cane will create a fancy and delicious touch to your drink.

A little Baileys, crème de cacao, and crème de menthe certainly go a long way in creating a sweet and flavorful pick me up. Enjoy each creamy and minty sip, but drink with caution- they are addicting.

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Pink Peppermint Cocktail

Three glasses filled with pink peppermint drink, garnished with candy canes.
How Sweet Eats

This adult beverage is so pretty and tastes delicious too! First, you’ll learn how to make candy cane vodka, which is what creates the gorgeous pink hue with a little blending and mixing action.

After you make your homemade pink vodka, you’ll add in a few other ingredients like crème de cacao, and simple syrup followed by a dash of cream. Embellish your glass with a gorgeous sugar rim and a candy cane garnish, and you’ve got one hell of a drink.

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A peppermint rimmed martini glass filled with a candy cane martini drink with a shaker in the background.
A Spicy Perspective

Here’s a fabulous Christmas de-stressing cocktail that provides a sweet and crisp peppermint kick. A little vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur, and peppermint extract come together flawlessly in this one.

You can either throw your candy canes in a food processor or place them in a large ziplock and break them with a rolling pin. Both methods work great before creating a deliciously crunchy rim that will cool your lips with each sip.

Get the Recipe: A Spicy Perspective

Peppermint Coffee Toddy

Two clear glasses filled with coffee toddy drink, garnished with whipped cream and a mint leaf with two spoons in the background.

You certainly don’t need a party to make this delicious drink. It’s the perfect Christmas evening cocktail to sip on the night before Christmas or even the morning of.

The freshly brewed coffee mixed with peppermint schnapps, crème de cacao, and heavy cream creates a rich and creamy pick-me-up. Enjoy this in front of the fireplace and take in the holiday spirit- It only comes once a year!

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cocktail

A mug filled with peppermint hot chocolate

If you’d rather indulge in something without caffeine, then this one is perfect for you. Let your kids try a virgin version (without alcohol) of this drink while you enjoy the more exciting adult version.

Prepare a hot cup of hot chocolate with a candy cane and whipped cream for your little ones and leave out the hard stuff. But, be sure to add the splash of peppermint schnapps for yourself. This sweet and chocolatey drink is perfect for sipping on while in your jammies.

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Candy Cane Cocktail

Two martini glasses filled with Candy Cane cocktails and peppermint stick garnishes.
Food Network

One word: Godiva. Nothing beats rich and creamy white chocolate liqueur mixed with peppermint schnapps and vanilla rum. The combination of all three creates a satisfyingly crisp taste.

Garnish this simple yet oh so flavorful adult beverage with a candy cane garnish and enjoy.

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Peppermint White Russian

Two white glasses bar mugs filled with a peppermint white Russian, with a crushed candy cane rim.
Home Cooking Memories

White Russians are one of those delicious drinks that go down too fast. The coffee liqueur and vodka, along with the cream, complement each other so well. Enjoy this festive rendition with a cooling candy cane twist.

The addition of peppermint flavored vodka and peppermint bits on the rim brings out a burst of flavor like no other. Serve these in glass mugs for the perfect winter look and enjoy each glass.

Get the Recipe: Home Cooking Memories

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