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This Is the Single Most Useful Meal Prep Item on Amazon

Graters, slicers, and peelers are arranged on a wooden cutting board, and a lime is juiced on a juicer on a cutting board.
Simpli Better

Meal prepping can be intimidating. There’s all that chopping and all that prep work, but what if there was a tool that could make it simpler?

The Simpli Better cutting board might just be that tool because it’s not just a cutting board. It’s an all-in-one prep tool that’ll make the process much more streamlined.

For many people, part of meal prepping is making sure that the healthiest items like fruits and vegetables get cleaned, chopped, and stored so they’re easy to access during the week. That way, you’re not reaching into the pantry or fridge for something less healthy or grabbing a bag of chips at a convenience store. This cutting board is the secret to getting that prep done.

The cutting board is made from 100% bamboo and features two handles on the side for easy carry, juice grooves around the edges to catch run-off, and an anti-slip bottom. Built into the top, you’ll find an opening where you can simply slide your fresh chopped veggies or fruits right into a 100% food-gade silicone container.

The cutting board comes with four such containers, and once you’ve filled one up, pull it out, add the lid, and slip it into your fridge. Then, slide the next one right inside the board. They’re microwave and dishwasher safe, and you can use them for both storage and as an on-the-go container.

Alongside those features, you’ll also get five interchangeable graters that can be added to the top to slice through onions, grate garlic, create cucumber slices, and yes, grate cheese. You can also remove them and use them on their own. Just like the container, they’re dishwasher safe.

If you’ve been wanting to meal prep but felt intimidated by all the work, this clever cutting board might be the way to make things just a bit more simple.

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