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Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Aug. 15, 2022

Michelle Monaghan stars in Netflix's Echoes.
Michelle Monaghan stars in Netflix’s Echoes. Netflix

While it might be the middle of the month, there’s still plenty coming from Netflix. This week, the streaming service is dropping a boatload of original content.

If you plan to tune into Netflix, expect to find a new thriller about twin sisters exchanging lives, a romantic comedy where a woman examines how her decisions should alter her life, and the return of a popular reality competition between makeup artists. Yes, all of this is dropping in the same week.

Curious about what else is on the viewing menu? Here’s everything coming to Netflix the week of Aug. 15, 2022.

  • Aug. 15
    • Ancient Aliens: Season 4: Explore the potential existence of aliens.
    • Deepa & Anoop: A little girl and her elephant have adventures at her family’s hotel.
    • Learn to Swim: Two jazz musicians fall for one another in this film.
  • Aug. 16
    • Untold: Volume 2: Explore more sports stories in this docuseries.

  • Aug. 17
    • High Heat: A man joins a fire brigade to investigate his brother’s death.
    • Junior Baking Show: Season 6: Junior chefs compete in a baking competition.
    • Look Both Ways: A woman looks at her life and examines how a choice changes it.
    • Royalteen: A teenage girl must keep her past secret when she strikes up a relationship with the crown prince
    • Unsuspicious: Three women and their families go to a playboy’s mansion to get answers, but he winds up dead.

  • Aug. 18
    • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season 3: He-Man returns to save Eternia.
    • Inside the Mind of a Cat: Explore the inner workings of a cat’s mind in this documentary.
    • Tekken: Bloodline: After losing his home to an ogre, a boy trains for revenge under his grandfather.

  • Aug. 19
    • The Cuphead Show!: Part 2: Cuphead and Mugman go on more adventures.
    • Echoes: Twins switch lives each year until one of them goes missing.
    • The Girl in the Mirror (Alma): An accident kills most of Alma’s classmates, and she loses her memory.
    • Glow Up: Season 4: Makeup artists compete in a battle of skill.
    • Kleo: After the Berlin wall falls, a spy tries to find out who betrayed her.
    • The Next 365 Days: Netflix’s popular, steamy film franchise is back.
  • Aug. 20
    • Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar: The Elric brothers take on a serial killer.
  • Aug. 21
    • A Cowgirl’s Song: A young country singer goes to live with her famous singer grandmother who has fallen on hard times.
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