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Stained Plastic Containers? Grab a Lemon!

A person sorts through plastic food containers.

You’ve got leftovers and need a place to stash them, but when you reach for your plastic food container, it’s looking unsightly thanks to staining. Can you fix it?

As it turns out, all you need to get that staining out of your leftover containers is a lemon.

The best part of this stain-removal method is that it takes very little work, but you will need to invest a bit of time as you’ll need to let the container sit.

To start, you’ll cut a lemon in half, and then, rub the flesh side of the lemon all around the container squeezing out the juice as you go. Once it’s coated, place it outside for a day or two during sunny weather. The combination of sun and lemon juice will essentially bleach the stain out of your container.

Rubbermaid 16-Piece Food Storage Containers with Lids

Sometimes, though, you might just need to replace your containers.

If you’re in a bit more of a rush, though, there is one more lemon method you can try. You’ll fill a basin or your sink with boiling hot water, and then add the juice of two to three lemons and add in the peels as well. Allow the containers to soak for three to four hours, wash, and you should be good to go.

Can you remove the staining? If it’s not too far gone, yes, but remember the best way to deal with stains is to make sure they don’t happen in the first place.

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