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This Adjustable Organizer Will Revolutionize Your Drawers

A drawer is filled with loose makeup products.

We’ve all got one: a junk drawer. Maybe it’s not even junk. Maybe it’s unorganized makeup products or small home necessities like batteries and nails. Regardless of what it is, there might be an organizer that can give you a perfectly organized space no matter what you’ve tossed in that drawer.

Poke-a-Dot’s customizable organizer allows you to create your own shapes within a drawer so you can store all those oddly shaped items right alongside the more traditional ones.

The organizer comes with eight partitions that can be placed into the organizer vertically, horizontally, and even diagonally to suit whatever items you need to store. You snap the partitions into the dots on the bottom, and they stay in place creating a custom organizer for your stuff.

Poke-a-Dot Adjustable Organizer

Makeup? Keys? Nails? Junk mail? No problem.

The organizer is made from ABS plastic that’s lightweight but sturdy and also waterproof. It’ll stay intact despite your items potentially jostling inside when you open drawers just a bit too quickly. Plus, thanks to the material, cleaning is a breeze. If you choose to store makeup or other items that might leak, simply wipe it out with soap and water and allow it to dry.

The organizer is 8″x2.5″x10.5″ so it’ll fit in a variety of drawers, and you can even place it into luggage or makeup cases as you travel.

If you’ve been looking at your junk drawer or unorganized makeup items and planning to do something about it, this organizer could be perfect.

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