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7 Beer-Based Dishes That Incorporate Your Favorite Brews

A tall glass of beer sitting in front of a table full of food.
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If you fancy yourself to be a beer connoisseur, then you’ll love these delicious recipes that call for your favorite brewskies. From chili to homemade cheese and pretzels, we’ve found something deliciously spirituous.

Cooking with beer can be so much fun, but did you know you can even pour a little in your food too? Whether you enjoy an occasional stout or love the hazy, hoppy flavors of an India Pale Ale, there’s a recipe for you. Enjoy sipping on and adding America’s favorite alcoholic beverage to these seven appetizing meals.

Slow Cooker Beer Mac and Cheese

A bowl of slow cooker beer mac and cheese.
Slow Cooker Gourmet

We’ll start things off with a creamy and famous casserole we all love- Macaroni and Cheese. There are thousands of mac recipes on the web, but have you tried one that incorporates a full-bodied stout?

This recipe also includes stew meat, fire-roasted tomatoes and can all be made in the comfort of your crockpot. This hearty and creamy dish is one for the recipe books, so be sure to check it out.

Get the Recipe: Slow Cooker Gourmet

Beer BBQ Meatballs

A pot full of barbecue beer meatballs.
The Brooklyn Cook

If you need a party appetizer but don’t exactly have the time to create an arrangement of edible beauty, then this one is for you. This dump-and-go recipe is so easy and only uses a few ingredients that you may even have on hand.

The author claims that you can use any beer, but recommends that a bitter beer might not work well with the BBQ sauce. Either way, grab a brew, a bag of frozen meatballs, and get to cooking.

Get the Recipe: The Brooklyn Cook

Guinness Beef Chili

A bowl of beer chili topped with sour cream and green onions, with a soon on the side.
Flavor the Moments

St. Pattys day comes soon after the new year, and if you aren’t into corned beef and cabbage, then why not try this delicious Guinness chili. Many people choose not to drink dark and malty beers like a stout, but certainly enjoy cooking with it.

This recipe is full of incredible flavor, especially because the beer enriches the spices and other ingredients. You won’t even know there’s beer in it, so don’t let that concern deter you from making this soul-satisfying meal.

Get the Recipe: Flavor the Moments

Sausage and Potato Beer Cheese Soup

A bowl of sausage and potato beer cheese soup garnished with green onion and shredded cheddar.
Midwest Foodie Blog

Aromatic mirepoix, garlic, and spices combined with sausage, potatoes, and of course, your favorite IPA or lager all come together to create one hell of a soup. This creamy and cheesy concoction is far superior to the mediocrity of other chowders or potage.

If you don’t mind spending a little quality time in your kitchen (about 45 minutes), then we say go for this meal. It’s the perfect Sunday night dinner and will leave your family wanting seconds.

Get the Recipe: Midwest Foodie Blog

Simple Beer Braised Cabbage

A pot filled with beer braised cabbage with a wooden spoon inside
The Mom 100

Here’s a fantastic side dish that only uses a few ingredients but exudes terrific flavor. The crisp and briny bacon combined with onion and cabbage makes quite an impression on the taste buds.

The best part is you can use any beer you may have sitting in your fridge, and the recipe can be done in well under an hour. Serve this with corned beef, sausage, or even chicken.

Get the Recipe: The Mom 100

Soft Pretzels with Beer Cheese

A small skillet filled with hot bubbly beer cheese with three freshly baked and salted pretzels.
Fox and Briar

This recipe has been shared over 150,000 times and has won the hearts of many people. Don’t let the baking pretzels part scare you- the images are super helpful and will walk you through each step.

Imagine pulling apart a soft and fluffy pretzel that is warm out of the oven. Watch the hot steam rise as it hits cool air. Before it chills too much, be sure to dunk it into bubbly hot beer cheese that’ll make your taste buds dance in glory.

Get the Recipe: Fox and Briar

Irish Beer Bread

A freshly baked loaf of Irish beer bread sliced with a bottle of lager next to it.
We Know Stuff

For all who fear the time-consuming efforts of bread baking, we have a solution- Irish beer bread. No need to impatiently wait for the dough to rise, and no kneading necessary.

This recipe involves measuring, mixing, pouring, and baking. So if you’d like a loaf of warm and fluffy bread to accompany just about any hearty meal, then we’ve got a good one for you right here.

Get the Recipe: We Know Stuff

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