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Is Sleeping Naked Better for You?

A man sleeps shirtless in white sheets.
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Everyone has their own sleep routines. Some sleepers need ambient noise. Others have to use black-out curtains to ensure a space is dark enough. And some people, well, they sleep naked, and they swear by the practice. So, are they onto something?

Is sleeping naked better for you? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

While there is no direct research linking sleeping naked to better overall rest, there are some tangential findings that might make you consider it. Michelle Drerup, PsyD, DBSM, spoke with Cleveland Clinic about how sleeping naked has the potential to help you sleep better.

When you’re getting ready for bed, your body will naturally lower its temperature to help you fall into your circadian rhythm, which is your natural sleep and wake cycle. By sleeping naked, you could help cool yourself down faster and thus, get to sleep quicker. It can also help to eliminate any of those late-night tossings and turnings caused by being too hot in pajamas.

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Sleeping naked could also have an impact on health. For women, there is a possibility that yeast infection rates could be lowered. Yeast thrives in moist and hot environments, and by sleeping naked, air circulation around the body improves. As for men, there’s the potential for an increase in fertility. By avoiding tight-fitting underwear and exposure to heat, some believe sperm counts could be higher.

So should you sleep naked? Ultimately, it’s a personal choice, and while there aren’t direct studies to prove it’s beneficial, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be. The next you’re looking to catch some extra Zzzs, it might be worth ditching the pajamas.

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