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15 Life Hack Amazon Finds That Make Life Way Easier

Someone cleans window blinds, someone uses a beauty spatula, and a toothpaste tube squeezer

How many times each day do you let out a sigh of frustration because a daily task felt harder than it needed to be? Maybe you made a mess trying to pour leftover soup into a container or maybe you couldn’t get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Whatever the case, there are a lot of ways our lives could run a little easier.

Fortunately, there are plenty of people who have experienced the same problems and took it upon themselves to find a solution. Whatever is annoying you in your life, there’s probably a gadget out there to make it easier to deal with.

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

A stainless steel toothpaste tube squeezer

It can feel like an impossible battle to get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. No matter how you squeeze, roll, or manipulate the tube, you always know that there is a little more paste in there.

Waste no more with this toothpaste tube squeezer. Made with stainless steel, this sturdy device takes up hardly any space in your bathroom but will help you get every last drop of toothpaste before you need to throw the tube away. It will also last forever, making it a great investment.

XYKEEY Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Get your money's worth.

Portable Fan

Someone holds a small portable fan

Are you hot all the time? Do you wish it could be winter year-round? If you’re tired of feeling sweaty and miserable every time the sun comes out, get yourself a portable fan.

This small device is easy to carry around and has a 21-hour battery life, which allows you to enjoy it while traveling, commuting, working, and during any other outdoor activities. It also works as a flashlight and even as an external power bank to charge your phone.

JISULIFE Handheld Mini Fan

Stay cool no matter where you are.

Kitchen Funnel

A couple uses silicone kitchen funnels

Nothing is more frustrating than transferring liquid from one container to another and making a mess because the mouth of one container is too small. This issue can be solved with an affordable and simple device: a kitchen funnel.

This set includes a large funnel, a medium funnel, and a small funnel to meet whatever liquid-related needs you run into. These collapsible funnels are made of premium soft silicone, are resistant to stains and odor, and are very durable, resisting temperatures up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kitchen Funnel Set

Never make a mess when transferring liquids again.

Bindle Bottle

A water bottle with a container on the bottom that is filled with keys and headphones

When going on a walk or a short hike, it can be frustrating to deal with keys, headphones, change, and other small, loose items. The Bindle Bottle is a clever invention that solves the problem of not having enough pockets.

With a traditional insulated water bottle on the top and a leak-proof container on the bottom, this is perfect for hikes, going to the gym, or running errands. The stainless-steel, double-wall, vacuum-insulated technology keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Plus, the storage compartment can hold keys, credit cards, and more. In addition to being handy, this water bottle is a fantastic way to protect valuables from thieves.

Bindle Bottle Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Keep your things safe in your water bottle.

Avocado Saver

Someone puts half an avocado in an avocado saver
MSC International

If you’re following a recipe or live alone, it’s common to only use half of an avocado at a time. This always proves to be a major hassle, because avocados begin to brown immediately and you often end up wasting a lot of the creamy fruit after scraping off the spoiled stuff.

You aren’t alone in your avocado frustrations, which is why the avocado saver was invented. This handy tool protects the flesh of the avocado and keeps it green until you’re ready to eat the other half. It also takes up minimal space and reduces waste by eliminating the need for plastic wrap or plastic bags to store the avocado.

Joie Fresh Stretch Pod for Avocados

Never waste an avocado again.

Reusable Dryer Balls

Someone puts reusable dryer balls in a dryer

Relying on dryer sheets is fine until you realize the box is empty and you’ll be stuck with static-ridden clothes until your next trip to the grocery store. An easy way to solve this problem (and create less waste) is to get reusable dryer balls like these adorable hedgehog ones.

Simply toss them into the dryer along with your clothes and they will help reduce drying time, cutting down your use of your dryer. These are also safe and non-toxic, and made of PVC with good elasticity, so you can reuse them again and again. Plus, you’ll never need to buy more disposable dryer sheets.

3pcs Hedgehog Dryer Balls

Reduce static with these cute little guys.

Beauty Spatulas

A small beauty spatula in a container of lotion

Just like toothpaste, it can be incredibly frustrating to know you’re throwing away extra makeup or lotion because you can’t get the last little bit out of the container. This makes beauty spatulas such a worthwhile purchase.

Made with flexible silicone, these tiny tools are designed to reach every nook and crevice in your bottles of foundation, face lotion, and other beauty products. Never throw money away again, especially on expensive beauty products. You spent a lot of money on those and you deserve to use every last bit of product.

S&T INC. Makeup Spatulas

Don't waste expensive beauty products.

Fabric Shaver

A woman uses a fabric shaver

Over time, sweaters and other fuzzy clothing items develop pilling, which is when the fuzz gets caught up together and forms little balls of fabric. This can quickly make a nice sweater look old and disheveled. Picking this fabric off by hand can be a hassle, but a fabric shaver can quickly make your clothes look brand-new again.

This product works like an electric razor and gently shaves off pilling fabric while leaving the rest of your clothes safe. The sharp and durable blades will last for years, and the product comes with two replacement blades just in case you need them.

BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

Get rid of annoying pilling and fuzz.

Suction Lick Mat

A dog licks peanut butter from a lick mat

Dog owners all understand the struggle of bathing a pup that does not want to be bathed. Stressed dogs usually end up shaking water, soap, and hair all over the bathroom as they try to jump out of the tub every chance they get.

A holy-grail product for owners of these dogs is a humble suction lick mat. It can be slathered with peanut butter and suctioned to the floor or wall for a delicious distraction. The textured surface means your dog will stay occupied for a long time and it can double as a feeder for wet foods.

Slow Feeder Mat for Dogs

Make bath time way easier.

Sink Drip Catcher

Someone washes their hands at a sink

If you have a leaky faucet, you understand how quickly that extra water can create buildup and mildew around your kitchen or bathroom sink. It can also be annoying to sop up all that extra water after washing the dishes.

A sink drip catcher won’t fix a leaky faucet, but it can catch all that extra water and keep your sink area clean. After using the sink, simply pour the water from the drip catcher down the drain or soak it up with a sponge. It’s still a little bit of a chore, but it will prevent water from spreading all over your counter.

Silicone Faucet Handle Drip Catcher Tray

Stop water from spilling all over your counter.

Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets

Someone puts a tablet in a water bottle
Bottle Bright

Water bottles are a pain to clean, especially if you don’t have a uniquely designed bottle brush. These water bottle cleaning tablets solve the problem.

Made in the USA, these tablets are individually packaged and require no extra equipment—just drop one in your container and let it do its work. Great for cleaning stainless steel bottles, hydration reservoirs, coolers, and hard-to-clean plastic containers, these tablets will leave your gear looking and smelling new and fresh.

Bottle Bright Water Bottle & Hydration Pack Cleaning Tablets

Keep your water bottle clean without any brushes or sponges.

Can Strainer

A can of tuna and a can of green beans with a strainer

Most people employ the same method when straining liquid from a can: open the top most of the way with a can opener, then hold onto the lid as you turn the can upside down and let the liquid drain. While this method works fine, it either lets food fall out of the can when draining or the lid gets stuck in the can and becomes a pain to get out.

Get rid of both of these problems by using a can strainer instead. This small, simple device helps you extract liquid from a can without making a mess or losing any food. It’s also made from stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean.

Can Strainer

Make straining easier than ever.


Someone holds a black container near a coffee maker and the container sits near a cup of iced coffee

Nothing is worse than craving a cold drink and realizing you don’t have any ice. The HyperChiller is a neat device that solves this problem by chilling drinks in under a minute without diluting them. The patented technology uses clever chambers that allow a drink to be cooled from the top and bottom, with a quick turnaround time.

The HyperChiller is ideal for people who love cold drinks but aren’t always prepared with things in the fridge or ready-made ice. This handy device also works for tea, juice, and water.

HyperChiller Rapid Drink Chiller

Have a cold drink at all times.

Window Blinds Cleaner

Someone cleans their window blinds

Cleaning traditional window blinds is one of the most time-consuming household chores. Save yourself hours of time by getting a special duster designed for this part of the house.

Built to clean the top and bottom of two rows of blinds at a time, this tool will significantly cut down on your cleaning time when it comes to dusting around your windows. The microfiber cloth sleeves can also be washed and reused time and time again.

Hiware Microfiber Horizontal Blind Cleaners

This perfectly shaped tool makes cleaning blinds a breeze.

No-Sew Jeans Buttons

Several jeans buttons on a pair of jeans

Anyone who buys women’s jeans knows the struggle of finding a pair that fits perfectly. They’re often too loose in one area, too tight in another, a little too long, a little too short, and the list goes on.

For jeans that are too loose around the waist, there is actually a simple and affordable solution to solve the problem. Simply buy a cheap pack of reusable jeans buttons and poke one end of the button into your jeans anywhere along the waistband. This will allow you to tighten your waistband so you don’t have to worry about pulling up your pants all day.

Jean Buttons Pins

Make your jeans fit better in seconds.

There are a lot of annoying problems out there. Fortunately, there are also a lot of nifty devices that make those problems less annoying. Here are some of our favorite useful Amazon finds that will help you hack your way through life.

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