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This Clever Kitchen Gadget Could Help Lower Your Electric Bill

A refrigerator door is open revealing fruits, juices, and meats inside.
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You stumble out of bed in the wee morning hours and make your way to the refrigerator for a late snack. You grab your hummus, eat a bit, and head back to bed. But what you don’t notice is that little bit of light peaking through the fridge door—because you forgot to close it.

The good news is that there’s a clever kitchen gadget that can help you remember to keep your fridge door shut and might just help save on your electric bill.

Most of us are pretty good about not leaving refrigerator doors wide open, but there could easily be times when it doesn’t shut completely or it’s just slightly cracked. That leaking of the cold means your fridge has to work harder, and your electric bill could rise as a result. A fridge alarm is the answer.

FRIDGGI Freezer Door Alarm

Never leave the door open again.

Fridggi’s fridge alarm is designed to alert you when the door is left ajar. The alarm is placed right on the outside of your refrigerator’s door and can sense when there’s a gap between the freezer and fridge door or between two double doors depending on your appliance’s make.

When the gap exceeds the alarm’s built-in amount, you’ll get a single, two-second beep after one minute. After two minutes, the alarm will sound for a solid four seconds, and if your door is ajar for three minutes or more, the alarm will continue until the door is closed.

You can choose between normal and loud volumes, and the alarm is battery-powered and features a double-sided adhesive for easy application.

If you or your kiddos love a midnight snack but wake up in the morning to find the fridge door ajar, this handy device might just save your food and electric bill.

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