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Is Sleeping With a Fan on Bad for You?

A person sleeps with an oscillating fan pointed at the bed.

Whether you need your bedroom as dark as possible or temperatures must be below meat-freezer levels, we all have our own sleeping preferences. But for those who sleep with a fan in the bedroom, could it be damaging their health?

There are drawbacks to sleeping with a fan, but that doesn’t mean you should stop immediately. Your sleep routine has some nuance.

Let’s tackle the bit of bad news first. When a fan is on, it can lead to dry air, and dry air can affect breathing, flair allergies, and cause sleep disruptions. Plus, an extra fan in your room can cause allergens like dust, pet dander, and spores to circulate more readily. When it’s pointed directly at you, you can develop a dry mouth and eyes. No fun, right?

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Here’s the good news. If you love sleeping with a fan for the cool air and noise, you still can. You might want to take some precautions, though. First, you’ll want to keep the fan a good way away from the bed and opt for an oscillating model.

The closer the proximity, the more likely it is to dry you out, and a rotating version can help air circulate more evenly. To help with allergens and dust, be sure your air filters are clean and routinely changed. You can also opt for an air purifier.

Plus, there are benefits to sleeping with a fan. It can improve air circulation, help maintain a comfortable temperature, and in some cases, could make your electric bill lower.

If you’re dedicated to getting a good night’s rest with your fan, just be sure to use it correctly. Ultimately, you should be just fine.

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