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Why You Should Keep Wax Paper in Your Bathroom

A roll of wax paper is unfurled over a wooden background.

When it comes to bathroom cleaning products, you’ve probably got the usual in your home. There are multi-purpose sprays, sponges, and glass cleaners. But you might also want to add some wax paper to the mix.

Wax paper can be used to prevent hard water stains from appearing on your newly cleaned fixtures and hardware.

Reynolds Cut Rite Wax Paper

It's for more than just cooking.

Now, we don’t recommend using wax paper to actually clean your faucet and finishes. Doing that is a recipe for a mess. Instead, the common kitchen item can be used as an after-cleaning treatment that’ll keep fingerprints and water spots at bay. That’s good news for all your hard work and elbow grease.

To use wax paper in your bathroom, simply allow your faucets, hardware, and other chrome finishes to dry. Then, lightly rub the paper over each one. The paper will leave behind a slight film that’s unnoticeable visually but repels water and fingerprint marks. You don’t need very much paper to do it, so you won’t be wasting anything when it comes time to use it the way it was meant to be used: for baking.

If your bathroom fixtures are prone to water staining and fingerprints, this simple hack can help. But it’s not the only kitchen item you might want to keep in your bathroom. Check out why a lemon belongs in your shower.

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