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Holiday Project: Craft Some Lighted Christmas Balls

A pile of lighted Christmas balls made of wire.
Proton Electric

If you want a big splashy decoration that has a bit more class than an enormous whacky-waving-arm-Santa, check out this simple tutorial on how to craft a wire-framed Christmas ball.

I’ve made more than a few of these balls over the years, and I have to say this tutorial from Ryan at Proton Electric uses a vastly superior technique to the one I’ve used. Pay special attention in the following video to two key things. First, he builds the structure of the ball using heavy gauge aluminum wire. Second, he cuts the roll of chicken wire in half to create a much more manageable work surface that yields a much smoother ball. By comparison, my balls are way lumpier and I’m absolutely stealing this method—and you should, too.

If you’d like a lighter version that’s easier to make (no heavy gauge wire required nor cutting the roll in half), check out the original guide that inspired me years ago, courtesy of the group that put the lighted Christmas ball trend on the map.

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