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How Do I Wash My Microfiber Towels?

a microfiber towel on the hood of an SUV

Microfiber towels are made with woven fibers that have a static-charge to help them attract dust and dirt. They also absorb a lot of water, but they can lose that absorbancy if you wash them improperly.

You can wash your microfiber towels in the washing machine if you’re careful. Your best bet, however, is to wash them by hand. The trouble with machine washing them revolves both around temperature and whether or not you have someone with long hair in our home. Long hairs get tangled in the fibers, and hot water can damage the towels.

Machine Washing and Hang Dry

If your home is free of people with long hair, toss your microfiber towels in the washing machine and run them through a cold, gentle cycle. Use only your regular detergent. Bleach and softener will damage the fibers and ruin the absorbency of your towels. Wash your microfiber towels together. Don’t mix them with clothing or towels that may have conditioner or softener built up in them.

Hang dry your microfiber towels. Never put them in the dryer. Even the “cool” setting is warm enough to damage the absorbent fibers.

Hand Wash For Longevity

For the best possible care of your microfiber towels, handwash them. Toss your dirty towels in a bucket or basin of lukewarm or cooler soapy water. If they’re extra dirty, you can let them soak for a little while.

To get them clean, start squeezing water through them until they appear to be clean. Rinse with cool water, still squeezing. Ring them out to remove any dripping water and then let them hang dry.

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