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The Reason to Keep a Coffee Filter in Your Office Isn’t About Coffee

Two sets of coffee filters sit on a table.
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When you heard that you should keep coffee filters in your office, you probably assume it’s for coffee. Yes, that’s a great reason to have them, but it’s not the only one. Turns out, these thing sheets of paper are a great office cleaning hack.

Coffee filters can be used to remove dust and dirt from electronics, and it’s kind of a genius trick.

The problem with traditional dusters or towels is that they’re prone to leave behind fibers or excess bits of dust. Plus, depending on how clean the towel or duster is, there could be streaks left over on the glass. Basically, dusting the screen might remove some marks, but it could leave behind more. That’s where a coffee filter comes in.

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit

A specific cleaner kit for screens is always a safe bet.

The thin paper won’t shed on the screen, and dust and debris are attracted to the texture. Despite being slightly scratchy, if used to brush over electronics lightly, it won’t cause any damage.

If your electronics need a deeper clean, you might be tempted to turn to an oft-cited solution: vinegar. The acetic acid, however, could damage the screen. Instead, it might be best to stick with a traditional screen cleaner.

But if you’re just looking to get rid of a bit of dust (or fur if you work from home), a coffee filter is the answer.

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