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This Viral Hack Shows How to Vacuum Seal a Ziploc Bag

A bag of vacuum sealed tomatoes is placed in a freezer.
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We don’t all want to invest in a vacuum sealer, and some of us just don’t have the space to store one. But if you’re looking to freeze your food for maximum storage freshness, a viral hack might be the answer.

TikTok content creator @sidneyraz showcased how to “vacuum seal” a Ziploc bag using nothing but water, and it looks pretty great.

Now, we will preface this hack by saying that dubbing it a true vacuum seal might be giving it too much credit, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. The hack will help eliminate as much air as possible from the bag without an official sealer, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than investing in one. Plus, if you’re looking to sous vide a dish, this trick could also be useful. So, how do you do it?


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First, the content creator fills a bowl with water, but when you try this yourself, be careful not to overfill as you’ll be placing a bag filled with food into it. You don’t want spills. Then, he places blueberries into a plastic bag and seals it three-fourths of the way closed.

Potane Vacuum Sealer Machine

If you do want a vacuum sealer, it can be a handy tool.

Next, he submerges the blueberries into the water, and you can see the bag tighten around the fruit. He finishes sealing the bag, pulls it from the water, and it’s nearly airtight. Pretty great, right?

This storage hack works because as you submerge the bag, the water forces all of the air up and out, giving it a tighter seal. While it’s not quite as effective as a real sealer, and a Ziploc bag is likely to expand over time, it’s still a great trick to save space and could even work for sous vide dishes.

The next time you want to seal up leftovers or freeze some meat, this might be a TikTok hack worth trying.

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