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Can Tart Cherry Juice Help You Sleep Better at Night?

A glass full of tart cherry juice sits nexts to a full pitcher and cherries.
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We all crave that restful, no disturbances, perfect sleep, but we don’t all get it. In fact, some of us have trouble falling asleep at all. But can drinking a simple juice help you sleep better?

Surprise! Drinking tart cherry juice can help improve sleep, and yes, it’s as simple a solution as it sounds.

Sour cherries have a myriad of benefits, but one of them is helping to put people to sleep. A 2010 study showed that drinking the juice had beneficial effects on older adults with insomnia. While prescription drugs and other more traditional treatment methods were more effective, cherry juice did have an effect.

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Supplements can also work.

How does it work? It’s all about tryptophan (yes, that chemical you associate with Thanksgiving turkeys)  and melatonin. Every 100 grams of tart cherries has 9 milligrams of tryptophan, and the fruit also contains melatonin. The two play well together within the body to help aid in sleep.

First, tryptophan can help increase the production of melatonin and serotonin so by consuming it via tart cherry juice, you’re also increasing the amount of melatonin in your body.  Melatonin, when boosted by drinking cherry juice at night, can then help people fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly.

So, how do you work it into your sleep routine? You’ll want to be sure to get pure tart cherry juice. You don’t want any added sugars before bedtime. You can safely drink up to 16 ounces an hour before bed, but keep in mind, that this stuff is, in fact, tart. If the flavor isn’t for you, you can opt for supplements.

Warning: You should always check with your physician before starting a supplement.

Whether you’re looking to fall asleep faster or simply get better overall rest, a little evening juice instead of a nightly glass of wine might be the way to go.

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